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Editing Software If You're an Artist and have issues with "ProCreate" export

Beanie Draws

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I'm not sure how many digital artists are in here, perhapse there's a few lurkers.

I discovered I had about 100gb in my ProCreate app. I have really bad organisation, so I've started working on backing up my work onto the computer. Backing up files as .ProCreate files will sometimes lead to an "Export uncessesful" error.

After much research, this is because depending on how old your iPad is, some of the files made in previous version of the app, have had a small bug that prevents older files from being exported.

The fix, is to use the crop tool, and to reduce your canvas by 1 pixel. This modifies the file enough to be the current version, but not enough to be visually noticeable, and from there, you should be able to export the raw files so you can backup properly.

Probably not that useful to most here as most of the artists here are traditional, but if you use the app for digital art and have issues, that should help you :)