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Thumbnail Feedback witch Thumbnail for my Magnum life video(redid)

Smokin Metal Carfun

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So I redid it now how does it look


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kitchen c/o ammama

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Well.. when I first saw the first Thumbnail, I thought it would be great if the font color would be other than white.. because almost everything is white.
Then I saw the second thumbnail... it took a while to understand the font, the arrow and stuff.

So, at this point first thumbnail is good.

But Personally I suggest for a third one.

1.make sure the font is clearly visible. Maybe a Translucent black background.
2. The Idea of arrow is not bad. It can be captured. Because there were too many colors and marks on 2nd thumbnail , It just dissolved overall.

That's all from my side.

Dr Pixel Plays

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Shorten the text to just 'meeting another Magnum owner'. Less text means the thumbnail is less stuffed, and you can make the font bigger.

And make sure the font stands out, you want maximum readability with text on thumbs. I would even use an easier to read font. Also make the colour of the font stand out with contrast, outline, and a drop shadow. Your font is way too small on both pictures. Keep in mind most people are seeing them on tiny phone screens.

And the image itself feels too crowded, the car doesn't really stand out. You tried making it stand out with a red arrow and those blue lines, but they aren't that effective and make the pic seem more crowded. I would cut the car out, and either outline it or blur the background.

A picture says more than a thousand words, so if you could just send me the image without any texts, I could make you a thumbnail tomorrow.


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Too much text, and it's illegible. Can you add a dark background to lighten text or change the font so it's easier to read?

Beanie Draws

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the second one is slightly better, but there's too much text. I'd remove all the text (That's what the title of the video is for) and change it to simply "TWINS" or "TWINS?"

Dr Pixel Plays

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I'm really impressed by these thumbnails. They are amazing.

I would go for the second one, because it makes it more mysterious, in my opinion. Like what kind of car is next to all these normal-looking cars(I have no clue about cars).

The only thing I would change is the text because while it looks cool, it's hard to read.