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The oldies

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Looking at to start an new YouTube channel. We want the young generation to ask questions to the the oulder Generation of parents and so on to pitch their thoughts of your questions.. they will reflect those questions to their day of age and present times. No matter what the question is, we will answer it will!


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Hi @The oldies

As it's been said so by many of the people here.

Just start, whatever happens, happens. The most important part of youtube creation is to create and get your view, opinion or skill out there and then iterate and improve. No one is perfect in the first video so just do some videos and see what the response will be.

Good luck.

Best regards

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Hey there thatΓÇÖs awesome, IΓÇÖd highly advise giving this a read as youΓÇÖre building up, itΓÇÖs the best piece of advice for any newcomer:

Happy YouTubing :)
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Beanie Draws

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I think the best way to source questions for videos to answer would be to go through reddit. You could also do it on Twitter. Great ways to build a community, to give people a chance to feature in a video (with the option to be anonymous if they want) or just borrow topics of questions, and give your own answers in video form (like "dad how do i?" channel) reddit seems to be a great source of ideas for those sorts of topics.
Nick Nimmin used to have a channel called "all our questions" with a loosely similar premise. Plenty of avenues to do some research :)
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Kari B

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Have you asked anyone you consider to be your target audience if they would be interested in that kind of content? I'm generalising, but a lot of the teens I know tend to google answers, especially if they might be embarrassing.

It would be interesting, as a spin-off, if you were to ask different generations the same question, for example, what is tiktok? what would you do if you lost your phone? how do you make a victoria sandwich? I would assume the responses would be quite different, especially across the world if you could ask different nationalities.