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YouTube Question New channel or same channel


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Hi everyone I have a family channel that does challenges and lifestyle. I would like to do "Clean with me" and mom things should I make a new channel or just add a playlist to the channel I already have? TIA


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Am I interested in the answer to this question. My son want us to have a family channel, his personal channel is linked to mine. I feel creating it linked to my channel should be the best but I dont know what happened if ever one channel is taken down. Will it affect all the other channel since it is the same email link?
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Dr Pixel Plays

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So you are making content that fits your channel thematically? You can always think about doing a second channel, but that's only useful if you need a closer connection to your audience, like in a 'behind the scenes'' style.

Second channels get like 1% of the views of the main channel. You literally have to build two channels at the same time. Growing one channel is already hard enough.

I would first try your video idea on your main channel, and see how it performs and what your audience thinks of it. If you get very few views, it's either a bad idea, or you are targeting the wrong audience which would justify a second channel.
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