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YouTube Opinion why do people do this.....

dean the rat

Known Member
so i have been on youtube for a little while but as my number gets bigger the more adult site links i need to delete from people commenting them, why do these people search child friendly videos just to put something horrible in the comment section..... i dont understand this, its a new person everytime and i report each one constantly...

Dr Pixel Plays

Known Member
TubeBuddy Pro
I have this problem too. So far I got like 4 comments of that kind or so. Those are bots that spam links to sites, similar to spam emails. So don't worry, people aren't that mean (Well, except for those *not advertiser-friendly* people who create those bots).

If you have too many comments to keep track of, you can actually use TubeBuddy to filter your comments for comments with links and then delete them.

Sadly, the people who make these bots know what gets through YouTube's spam filters as they do with e-mail filters. You can try to blacklist certain words, but that might block comments that shouldn't be blocked.
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New Member
Yeah I get them a lot, the spam filter catches most of them, also people trying to hijack your comments with their own affiliate links. I've seen people actually try to promote this as a business idea.. :(