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Life Remember whatΓÇÖs important to us

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We sometimes get so caught up in our projects, whatever they happen to be, we accidentally neglect the more important parts of our lives, IΓÇÖm somewhat guilty of this although IΓÇÖve done my best to balance out the YouTube gig with my personal life.

My advice for anyone and everyone is to just focus on whatΓÇÖs important and prioritize our daily activities in the correct order, especially if babies are involved, and just cherish the family time.

IΓÇÖm always emphasizing on why IΓÇÖm very limited on the time to create content, this is why, IΓÇÖm a stay at home daddy and my girl is top priority, but if IΓÇÖm lucky, which is not always, I can sneak in a filming session when she is napping.

In short, never neglect family, especially our children and babies, because while weΓÇÖre working towards making YouTube a career, the simple reality is itΓÇÖs mostly a fun hobby.


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