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YouTube Opinion Do you prefer an editor or self edit?

Dr Pixel Plays

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I heard people employing friends or fans as their editors, which seems like a good idea to me. But you should pay your editor in the long run, or share profits or so. They usually don't work for free forever. Keep that in mind.

If it seems like a good choice financially to hire an editor, you should consider it. If you worry about your personal information, ask your friends or your community. Those people should be loyal to you.

Considering the size of your channel, I don't think you can pay an editor. Few people will work for profit share. But if you just don't want to edit your videos, because you don't like doing that, you might want to consider to team up with someone? Again, ideally a friend or someone from your community.
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Travel Interesante

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Editing ourselves... it makes no sense to hire an editor yet, that's for much bigger channels really. There's points where we get bogged down by the editing process, but I've learned so much on the fly that in the end we really enjoy crafting our own videos in our own style.
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Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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I agree with @Damon, not only is it better to control how your videos are created but you also learn a new skill that could be financially beneficial down the road. I look forward to the day I can financially benefit from these learned skills.
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Tito Tim

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YouTube is my hobby. I would never of thought of hiring an editor - it is too much of the fun. And, I know what I want my vids to look like. Easier for me to do what I want than to tell someone what I want and hope they do it.

But to need one... my channel would have to be as big as Trevor Noah's ha ha.


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I have wanted to get an editor for so long!!

But the problem with getting an editor is personal infomation

Which is why I will try and find somebody next to my area of where i live and if they try anything i can catch up with them

Or maybe even just send them the video and then they edit the video and send it back to me and i can upload it and give them a piece of the pie