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YouTube Opinion Is putting emojis on your video title helps?


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At first i think it would catch peoples eyes but now im thinking that your video will be hidden from the youtube algorithm.

Follow what YouTube Recommends, Searchable part first, compelling element second. Your emojis are compelling elements, so at the end or in the compelling part SURE but at the start of the title, not so much. UNLESS people are searching for that emoji haha :D!

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I'm curious how the searchability of emojis will alter with time. I've noticed that with Instagram hashtags when one seems to get a little 'crowded' a new one will pop up with a few emojis, making it far more easily found in the Instagram Search/Discovery system. I wonder if over time that isn't something we begin seeing in YouTube/Google search, or if it is a gimmicky trend that will fall by the wayside.
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I dont put emojis

But emojis will not help because the youtube algorithm doesn't pick up any special characters

So if you want it be to more compelling then sure but only put it at the end as an extra