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YouTube Help How to grow gaming channel

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hey bro...
My friend have a youtube channel and i've been watching his channel through out the year
i can tell you some recommendation what i experienced there
He Streams PUBG daily He use a good catchy title As a beginner he didn't get that much views but when he start to stream daily wit great thumbnails its starts to grow by daily +1 Sub and +2 sub i went all to 200 Sub Soon and he invited other people to join with his id on the live stream..so its perfectly alright that if u invite people and engage with them they will get interested on your channel and when u get interaction you will get more engagements and it grows up automatically...

thats all for now
Hope it helps
thanks you so much


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Hello @neogt5,

As a gamer myself I understand where you're coming from. The gaming genre is a tough one to break into because of how saturated it is. But it's not impossible. The difference between a gaming channel and other channels like cooking or comedy is that gaming channels are more dependent on the creator and the game than anything else.

The creator is usually the main focus if the channel is a gaming channel dedicated to a variety of games, usually reviews and short gameplay sessions until a new game comes out. This requires the creator to have a certain persona that catches the audience's attention. They can be funny, raging, educational, etc. In essence, the viewers come to watch the creator as much as they do the game, maybe more so. A good example of this kind of creator is Markiplier. His comedic style is his superpower which makes any game interesting enough to watch him play, even if it's a game you wouldn't play yourself.

On the other hand, the game can be the main focus if the channel is dedicated to one specific game or game type. Like Fortnite or FPS variety including Call Of Duty and PUBg. Here the gameplay is more important with the creator adding to the entertainment. WackyJacky101 is a good example of someone dedicated to PUBg where not only does he create gameplay videos but he also creates educational videos revolving around how weapons work, strategies to win games and details explanations of every change in the game. His knowledge of the game and his skill at teaching is his superpower.

The first thing you have to accept is that your a new, small channel. The YouTube algorithm is still gathering data from your channel before it starts showing your videos to a larger audience. If you want a more details opinion about your channel or video in specific check out our YouTube Feedback section. Here you can request a channel or video review and members will give you their opinions on your channel or video and it's up to you to decide if you want to make changes or not. Just make sure to read the rules of that section and follow them properly before requesting a review. That way you can prevent your post from being locked for not following the rules.

Hope this helps.
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