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Thumbnail Feedback Hie guys.which thumbnail is good


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You know what you bring to the table, dont settle for less.png
You know what you bring to the table, dont settle for less (1).png

kitchen c/o ammama

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I am sorry but what are you trying to tell from thumbnail. ( It might be my mistake while understanding)

Unless I know what the motive is, I can't choose one. Sorry.

none is clickable at this point.


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Get rid of the little gold image. Just use your picture. Cut down on the text. Just say KNOW YOUR WORTH! In larger letters.

Beanie Draws

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Way too much text going on. If you went with the first thumbnail, I'd reduce the text down to "gambling your worth" it's short and punchy, but also leads to a question being asked about why would someone gamble on their worth, and your video would be the answer.
the second one I'd shorten it down to "Don't settle for less" or even down further to "DON'T SETTLE!"

I think your issue with thumbnails is you're probably designing on a larger screen. These are thumbnails, they're designed to be tiny, and when showing up on a mobile phone or a page with other thumbnails, the text will be so small that no one is going to read it, that's why if you want to go with text, go with short punchy text. "DON'T SETTLE" grabs attention. Even "YOUR WORTH" could be an interesting impactful 2 word double bam statement.