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TubeBuddy Tips How to attract subscribers?

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Producing good quality content that has a clear message and/or meaning thatΓÇÖs targeting a specific audience and gives them something useful.

YouΓÇÖll want to avoid:
- long pointless intros that take up too much of the viewers time and makes them click away.
- of course clickbait.
- having your video jump everywhere instead of delivering the intended message to the viewer.
- making videos longer than they need to be.
- poor quality in your content like grainy video and echoes in the audio.
- making videos that donΓÇÖt match the niche youΓÇÖre targeting.
- uploading a handful of videos and expecting everyone to subscribe then getting annoyed that no one is.

No doubt others will have more tips on what to avoid, but these are just from my own video making experience, admittedly IΓÇÖm still improving, we all are, but in a nutshell just make great content that viewers will enjoy, and keep uploading consistently. Good luck :);)


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subscribers are attracted through the first presentation and that's the hook that you should be aiming for. make your channel look as good as you can, from channel banner, icon, etc. thumbnails, its all about the visuals. subscribers are gained through charisma of content and your ability to impress the viewer


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It seems like everyone here has given great advice. Great content is key. And make sure you're targetting your ideal audience for this content. That also helps.


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Great advice on here! It takes time and patience, I try not to focus to much on the subscribers it can be very demotivating, but when you shift your focus to your content, thumbnail, quality etc and supporting other channels, the growth starts.