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TubeBuddy Suggestion Seo score column in video list

kitchen c/o ammama

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I personally want it too but the SEO depends on the keyword we give.

So, how I am thinking that it might work
1. Write all the details for the keyword.
2. Lock this keyword for the SEO score in main page.

Just my opinion.

Beanie Draws

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If there can be add a new column inside video list as a column like comment, date, views section. So we can see video seo scores.
To add to this, I'd love to see the best practices there as well.

It's tough to see which videos have a pinned comment, have end cards applied, have user published CC, from that main video column. At least we can see which best practices have been used per individual video, but would love to see that at a glance from the video column.