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Editing Software which apps is the best in editing

I use Filmora 9. I have their lifetime membership! I signed up for their free trial but when I tried to export the video I could not upload the video without the watermark unless I purchase the software. I had spent 3 days making the video so I decided to Purchase the software. There was a discount with Filmora 9 and I also did research online and found a $5 coupon for Filmora. All in all I ended up paying around $37 including tax. It usually cost around $80 USD for their Lifetime membership. The also have a yearly subscription if you don't want to purchase the lifetime. My subscription came with a free trial of Filmstocks for one month. I don't regret the decision to purchase Filmora 9 since it is so easy to use (faster learning curve compared to other editing software) and way cheaper compared to other editing software options out there. Other people use Davinci Resolve the free version but I haven't try it myself yet. I hope this helps! :)

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I also have filmora, it a good program and not that heavy-duty.
Works well on my old laptop!

i just downloaded the trail,watched YouTube fir a key. Follow instructions and done.

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I use Videoleap for most of my editing, and then I stitch it all on my computer using Corel Studio Pro.

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Depends on your computer. DaVinci is very good - and free. But you have to have a pretty new machine. Older machines will not run it. My old PC would not run it, my new one will, but I already bought PowerDirector (had it for years) so I am still using PD because I am used to it.

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if you have a decent computer, Davinci Resolve is the next best thing to Premiere Pro,

Hitfilm express is another good one. I hear filmora is good as well but I've never tried it. Daniel Batel has many videos on Filmora.


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i use premiere pro to edit video...
n i think i would like to try filmora or sony vegas in the future..