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YouTube Tips The "A B See The Results" Of A/B Testing


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As has been said before thumbnails are one of the most important parts of uploading a new video. It's the first image potential viewers will see when searching for new content to watch. But what if you were told that your current thumbnail could use some improvements or changes that could potentially help your videos gain more views? Or what if you feel like you wanna try a new idea for a thumbnail but are afraid the video might not gain as many views if you change the template you've been using for a while?

Luckily for you, there's a process you can try that can help you figure out if a thumbnail has the potential to get more attention or not. A/B Testing is the process of switching your video thumbnail for another thumbnail at certain intervals to test which thumbnail does better on your video. TubeBuddy's Legend license has this feature that allows you to select not only different thumbnails but also titles and tags to A/B test to see which ones work best for your video and for future videos.

But for those who don't have the Legend license A/B testing can still be achieved manually by simply changing the thumbnail, titles, and tags manually at certain times (say every 6 hours for a certain amount of days) yourself. Granted this route is a bit more time consuming and hard but the results you gain can be invaluable for your channel. So give it a try. Create multiple thumbnails for one video. Try different approaches to your style and see what works best. See below for examples.

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Thank you so much. Will try it out...

So, with Legend, We can have 2 set of video properties ( thumbnail / tags / keyword, etc) at the same time and get to see it's results ?? That's cool .

Will get Legend one day ( maybe after earning little money from YouTube , I will put it back to YouTube growth by buying legend).
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