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YouTube Question How long does it takes for your channel to be on the first search?

Josh Tan

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So I put tags on my channel to be the first search on youtube(Josh Tan). I'm wondering how long does it takes until your channel shows up?
someone named "Josh Tan - TheAstuteParent" why can't my channel be on the first search(Josh Tan)?

DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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Also if you know how to optimize your content to show up and rank higher, by using keywords that would put you above even bigger channels, then you can try that too, but of course if youΓÇÖre too fresh then this may not work, but it doesnΓÇÖt hurt to try.
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Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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There are 3 factors you have to take into account when trying to get the top spot on search.

First is time. How long have you been uploading vs the other person? In your case, you've been uploading longer. However, this is just part of the equation.

Second is the number of views. How many views are you getting vs the other person? He's got you beat cause he's getting an average of 1.5K views per video whereas you are only in the hundreds in most of your videos. YouTube sees this and combined with a larger sub count probably puts him at the top of the search.

Third is your content type. His genre is likely more searched than yours but not as saturated. While gaming is popular YT's algorithm might take into account the genre as well. Your channel has a lot of different genres and this could confuse the algorithm. While you may be a gaming channel now, at one point you had special effect videos, vlogs and even music. This all affects how YT sees your channel and thus how it shows it in searches.
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Took a good 3 months to have my channel pop up. Sometimes other channels beat you out because they are more recognized and clicked on. A tip is to update your channel description so that way you can repeat your name once or twice which has it boosted in the algorithm.
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