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YouTube Help How to achieve 4000 watch hours?


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It's all about the content. Makes lots of it, quality content your viewers want to watch. Make them worth watching all the way through and leave them wanting more so they will click the next video. Learn from every video you make and adjust accordingly to improve. Content quality and quantity is the key. You're a new channel so it's gonna take time, hard work and patience. Just keep going.


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4000 watch hours is achievable around 6 months time for an average channel with 1k. As a YouTube partner program member, here are my best tips to achieving that:
1. Make videos that people want to watch for a very long time (Tutorials, Documentary series, Spicy content and detailed content, ETC). Gameplays can achieve this, but the key is to keep your viewers engaged throughout your video. My personal tips is to make a one minute intro explaining how the video will be exciting. It usually increases my watch hours a video. From there, i try and pack content in so that way my videos seem exciting and keep my viewer watching. If doing gameplay, its good to do twists and turns and add your own commentary + an intro, which usually increases watch time.


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Just keep grinding and one day you will achieve that goal

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You can jump on board the trending videos train, but these are often short-lived and highly competitive or you can make ever-green videos that will get views long term. If you are looking to get the hours quickly you either need lots of shorter videos or longer ones that have good watch time. Try and find topics that aren't already covered - for example, I make travel videos and have been reviewing hotels that no one has reviewed yet, this means the search volume may be slightly lower but if I'm the only one with a video then chances are people will watch it.


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There is no one style fit all tutorial for hitting the milestone. You need to keep developing the skill and learning the lessons of being a content creator. No one will say do this then boom you get it, it is about a lot of factors which people have mentioned above. One thing I will say is, it gets better and the numbers will come. Just keep being better in your video production, thumbnail, SEO and analytic and dont forget to be consistant.
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Hello guyss. help me to grow my youtube channel. how to gain my goal in watch hours.
Make your content worth watching. If you're not getting the watch hours, it obviously means people aren't interested in watching and you have to work out why. Is it because your content is self serving and you just expect others to care about what you create? Or are you providing answers to commonly searched questions and providing your own value, but people aren't watching through the whole video? If your video contains value, but people aren't watching through, then you need to adjust your delivery. Be more interesting on camera by being more charismatic and interesting to listen to, maybe you talk too slow and are boring people? In that case you have to work on editing to make your content more punchy.

"help me to grow my channel" however sounds very self serving, and generally people on YouTube are sick of videos that are all about "me me me" like, why should we care? Are you providing entertainment? Are you trying to make other people smile during bleak times? Do you want to help OTHERS by answering questions through your video?

As Nick Nimmin always says "ADD VALUE"

providing value, and having great titles, great thumbnails, great video editing, and great topics are the only way to grow your channel.

Sorry if that sounded harsh, but sometimes we need a dose of truth and reality to make us wake up.