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YouTube Help re upload and not lose it?


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So I had a LIVE performance of a song - I wanted to put some LUTS on it [that is colour correction] - but when I tried it left loads of artifacts [the background messed things up] - so I went with a much more simple and cinematic LUTS. But nowhere near as nice

It's somewhat weak. Now a few days later I showed the singer the nice LUTS version but that has the glitches. She loved the colour and that version. After which I had inspiration. I could just put the LUTS (colour correction) on her - and leave the background as is - didn't think of this before (all new to me). I tried this and it's perfect with no artefacts.

So that leads me to my question....

It's exactly the same video [length/content] - just colour correction is different.

There's no way to swap it over and NOT lose the views is there?

It might only have 80 views - but for a song, for the channel, that's probably most the views. It would be amazing if I can just switcharoo the files. I guess it's not possible - as then you could switch a successful film, with a rubbish one but make it look popular. Like your 'rubbish' original song has a million views - but until you switched it, it was an Ed Sheran song up there

But I thought I would ask.... just in case... as the full coloured version is so much better - argh curse my stupidity


The thumb nail above is from the colour corrected version
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Hi @Original MCW

You probably answered it yourself, there is no way to change/update a video except if you change the video in the built-in editor on youtube just because they don't want a replacement video for a video that already have been rated.

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You can't upload a replacement, but you can upload a remade video without deleting the original. You can test to see what happens if you upload the remade video while putting the other one as private and if it doesn't do well you can always make it private and bring back the original video. That way you don't lose the views for the first one. Sometimes a video has to be a sacrificial video to test ideas and changes. 80 views is nice but not that important if you really think about it. Especially if the channel is new or has few videos on it. It won't really hurt it much since you're only getting started, assuming the channel is new somewhat new.