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YouTube Opinion Mid-roll or not to Mid-roll


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Hi Everyone.

I read that we now can use Mid-roll for shorter videos. I don't watch ads as I'm paying for the family plan and done for years, so I don't remember how annoying the ads are. On my channel, I've opted out from mid-rolls for all my videos. I also have that as my upload default.

The new change youtube says that they will add mid-roll ads to all older videos without your input. Does that mean that I need to go and disable that for all my old videos if I don't want them?

Another question is how annoying they are? Should I just keep them on my videos and perhaps turn on mid-roll? Have people got desensitized enough of them that it doesn't matter if you use it?

Do you have mid-rolls? Why do you use them? Do you feel that they are annoying?

Thank you for answering.

Best regards

Tito Tim

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If you do not want them to add mid-rolls to your older vids (even ones you opted out of before) you have to go to the monetization page and opt-out again. On the monetization tab there is a banner to make opting out very easy. It is automatically opted in, now. We have until 27JUL2020 to opt out or they will start adding the ads. I am still unsure what I will do.

I have used AdBlock since 1998 so I do not know when YT even started putting ads. I started watching in 2006 (so says my account age). My wife has no issues with ads, but I will not watch them. I have never seen an ad on YT, and certainly would not sit through a mid-roll. But I am just too old and grumpy ha ha