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YouTube Help Youtube guidelines, takedown of video


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Hi Everyone.

Youtube staff is sadly as helpful as ever during these COVID times. I started a live stream a couple of hours ago, I had a ticker running with some background music that I have licensed so I should be able to use them in my content.

5 minutes in during my 10-minute ticker while I waited for everyone to arrive and then start the stream youtube just cut the stream and removed it. I started a new stream a couple of minutes later when I got it up and running and just started my usual content. Streamed for 1.5 hours without any issues.

Now after the stream I appealed the community guideline removal and got my video instated by an employee. In my appeal I asked them what was wrong so I could improve and not have a takedown during the next stream, sadly I didn't get any pointers from them.

Anyone here sees anything in my video that is against the guidelines or close to it?

View: https://youtu.be/Qk3ypC3NOEE

Thank you for any suggestions or thoughts.

Best regards