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TubeBuddy Suggestion Instagram

CoW mAn

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I'd love to see TubeBuddy for Instagram - either as a separate app or integrated into the main app/plugin/site.

Suggested hashtags based on what you've written so far, previous posts, maybe even metadata from the picture. Suggested accounts to tags based on selected tags. Suggested locations based on tags, or tags based on location. Track sharing of images across Twitter and Reddit, track likes on Facebook. That sort of thing, the power of TB applied to Insta

And if that's too ambitious how about an integration in the mobile app that lets you share the thumbnail from a video as a post or story - and if a post with either hashtag suggestions or copying your tags from the video over as hashtags for the Insta post.

I know Insta posts don't allow links but plenty of channels find support on Insta in other ways, I think TB could leverage some of it's existing functions for that platform
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Wow, I love the suggested hastag idea. I was just hearing so much about putting posts on instagram and hoping to just have the feature TubeBuddy offers us to post on facebook, linkedin, reddit etc. I mean why not add instagram especially if everyone i seeying goo funneling from there. However I got to cmmend you for one upping with the whole suggestions spin.

Stanley | Team TB

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Would it still be TubeBuddy? Or would it be InstaBuddy?


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Would it still be TubeBuddy? Or would it be InstaBuddy?

That is the question haha

I'd love to see it as well, but I don't believe that's in the plans, but I could be wrong.

FB/ IG are VERY STINGY with their API compared to YouTube, and not the best to work for if you're like us, not saying we wouldn't want to, but they're VERY protective of what they made, so I'm not against it, but it's just not likely :(
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