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TubeBuddy Suggestion Channel Scan: Best Practices & Worst CTR

CoW mAn

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I'd love to see a feature where you TB does scan of my channel and provides lists of:
-All videos without End Screens
-All videos without Info Cards
-Top 10 (20? 50?) Worst CTRs

Basically apply the Best Practices check across the channel and then provide lists of videos that have not completed each best practice. This could also include a list of the worst performing videos by CTR.
This would provide us with instant To Do lists in terms of improving our back catalog


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Phil, This buds for you!

Hey why are you not using the TubeBuddy feature "channel review"? This is single handedly the most powerful tool in the tool box! I initially ran this to see all the data points. I will warn you though, Once you see the data you will be grinding the heck out of your channel until you correct as much as you can. So make plenty of room before running with your time.

1) Thumbnails
2) End Screens on each clip Y/N?
3) How you overlap with other audiences and who they are...
4) Upload strength and weaknesses
5) Live stream Strength strongest & weakest
6) Channel description and how and what to do to optimize...
7) Channel Keys(tags)
8) They even give you an action plan!!!!
9) Channel trailer tips
10) Heck it even shows when you left out request to subscribe in your descriptions!

The short is it's well worth getting professional advice and a list of call to actions that help your own channel.
Screenshot_2020-07-16 Channel Reviews(7).png

I initially ran this in standard mode and then was able to make changes and run in full mode. I recommend performing this when you can and addressing all the call outs TubeBuddy includes in report.

Screenshot_2020-07-16 Channel Reviews(8).png


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