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YouTube SEO Will we continue to grow our subscribers?

Boating Journey

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Well, our growth on our channel will be interesting - we just announced that we sold our boat (and yes, our channel is called Boating Journey). We have plans to get another and also do some boating adventures, but it will be interesting to see if we can continue to grow at the pace we've been growing at, now that we no longer have a boat. We've made sure that our SEO and Key words are scoring great and will continue to do so. I guess only time will tell.


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Imagen all the people out there looking to buy a boat, now they can follow your journey and learn from it when you look for your new boat in your videos.

Stanley | Team TB

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Yeah 99% of your channel's value has almost nothing to do with what your channel is about (give or take, I don't do math).

Your audience enjoys you. They are fans of boating but lets face it... there are literally billions of places to get boating content. They subscribe to your channel because of you... it's the only place they can get you; your insight, your delivery, your sense of humor and your expression.

So the boating would mean less to them than the value of how you serve boating to them, and honestly you dont need to own a boat for that.

That doesnt mean you get to phone it in. You will have to work harder for your audience, but you can definitely make it work.
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