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Video Research What do you try to acheive while editing videos?

Beanie Draws

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So I "know" "how to edit" i.e, the point of b-rolls, all the differant forms of cuts, keyboard shortcuts and all that, but the next thing I'm trying to experiment and learn, is pacing. I still want my videos to be educational, but I also want them to be entertaining, so when I'm editing, I have 2 main things on my mind... do I find this interesting enough? And can I see what needs to be seen? Sometimes I find videos take too long to get to the point, and sometimes I wish creators would bring their camera closer to their subject, or edit it in a way so the composition is easier to see, especially on small screens, so I'm always trying to keep those two things in mind when I'm editing (and I'm still not great at it, but trying to learn more)

We all have differant editing styles and things we want to convey when editing, so what goes through your mind when you edit? What are you trying to say with your edits... and if you can, try and say what you want to bring to your edits besides just "being fun"

We all want to get better, so share with us some of your thought process when editing, and maybe we can all learn some perspective we otherwise wouldn't consider when editing.


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IΓÇÖm super new to editing. IΓÇÖd like a professional video with good audio and visuals. Though IΓÇÖm still learning a great deal. Just started adding an intro to my videos over the last few months. I created an outro the other day and added the first video today.

I have been using iMovie to edit with though still discovering how it works. What program do you use?


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I will do a basic intro about the video, 15-30 seconds then play my channel intro animation (7 seconds) then get into the actual product review.
I think about cuts that keep people interested. Glitches/lights etc
I have text pop up or images of what I'm talking about (always using sharp png's for quality.)
Maybe the odd text scrolling behind me (I use a green screen most of the time)..
I always try to add in little jokes or humor.. and the occasional zooming in on myself.. Maybe only 110-120%, minor to keep the viewers mind alert.
Also mini animations like: Subscribe, Facebook group info, Instagram etc to keep viewers from getting bored of the same screen.

Basically I try to change things constantly without it being a distraction

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My main goal is to share our story in the most engaging way possible for a viewer...which has definitely been a learning process. We know some viewers come to YT simply for the top 5 or 10 things to do in the places we visit, but at the end of the day we aim to put our own personality and story behind each of our videos.

As far as style, I wouldn't necessarily call us "cinematic", but we try to make it a bit more than an ordinary vlog style as well.


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Hi Everyone.

When it comes to editing or shooting in general I struggle with a couple of things. First of my educational content require a lot of screen sharing in order to show what I'm working on. I'm usually showing and talking about programming code.

Before I did a lot of green screen work that required some setup and teardown of the studio but made good videos in general. I watched a seminar where they talked about personality and that you should show some part of your life in the background so I started making videos with me in part of the screen with my room as a background and then the content in a template I made.

These videos are easier to create but perhaps harder to watch so I'm torn about the best approach.

When it comes to B-roll I usually don't use it so I don't distract the watcher. In my last video, I had a short break where I fetched a coffee and then I showed some low quality coffee making b-roll. I should have used more light in the shot I know :(

So what is the importance of b-roll, should I incorporate more and do you have any suggestions about how to do that without distracting the viewer?

Greenscreen or not to greenscreen that's the question? Or at least a part of it :)

My edit process is usually adding intro and outro to the video and removing repeat takes.
Then I do minor color and audio quality improvements.

Thank you for reading my ramblings

Best regards


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For me, It always depends on what kind of content I'm editing. I enjoy using different effects and transitions when I do countdown videos. I enjoy using B-rolls to tell a story when I do most of my fitness videos. The only thing that's going through my mind when I create is what I want my viewers' attention to be focused on.


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For it's telling a story. I've been using more evidentiary editing methods here of late. I prefer verite, but it's hard to shoot verite and be the talent on screen. For me it easier to shoot an interview portion like you seen in many doc films, then shoot the action of me doing the thing I'm talking about. Then you cut back and forth between the two to cover up all the jump cuts. Makes things looks far better than the jump cut-heavy footage dominating YouTube these days.

The books Documentary Storytelling and Documentary Editing have been invaluable to me in understanding editing, pacing and such.

Still the best way to learn pacing is watch tons of T.V and movies. Analyze how they speed and slow the pace over the course of an episode or film. We can use the same methods.


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My previous videos were gaming videos, me doing gameplay. So I went with the typical shortening of the content to eliminate the long boring parts of the game where not much happens in order to bring the video to less than 10 minutes. I tried to make my transitions seamless between scenes while testing different types of transition effects to see which looked best. I also used a lot of sound effects and animations that connected to certain things happening during the gameplay to create a funny/comedic scene. I also tried to keep the best parts of my commenting so that the chat didn't seem confusing.

I'm no longer making gaming content thus my new content will require a different editing style. I'm still checking to see how I wanna handle the type of content I'll be making soon. I have a lot of alternatives to edit my videos. Between Vegas Pro and Filmora I have a lot of effects to choose from. Plus I am planning on getting the Adobe All Apps plan to have access to Premier and After Effects for even more awesome stuff, all perfect for my new content. And since I like making my own art Photoshop is gonna come in handy too.