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Audio Gear Do You Need a good Mic on a BUDGET?


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Hey There!

So I thought I would share a little about the Mic I recently bought for my Youtube Channel. Where I live, buying a Blue Yeti Mic or a Snowball Mic is very pricey due to import taxes etc. I wanted a USB Mic because they are easier and im still just starting out. So I did a lot of research and ended up purchasing a Fifine K669B and let me tell you the sound is fantastic for the price. So if you are looking for a good mic then I highly recommend this one!
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I know it's an old thread, but I'd recommend something similar to a Maono AU-A04
Its pricing depends on the country you order from and the company that "made it" (you can find this set uinder many different brands), but if you're lucky, you can buy this set for around $50, shipping included.
The set contains: a USB mic, mic arm, USB cable, pop filter, windshield and a shock mount.
I had this set and I really recommend it.


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anything Neewer is a beast of a mic. Mine cost $35 and it sounds amazing. yes it's a usb mic