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Thumbnail Feedback Hey what do you think?

What do you think?

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What do you think about this thumbnail?


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kitchen c/o ammama

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Hi.There is no Clarity in the pic. It isn't drawing any attention. The red font thing is not legible and there is so much to read and focus that I wouldn't do. Try changing the fonts. Bring more clarity and shorten the words. Make sure even a person looking from mobile can happily understand the thumbnail with clarity. All the Best !


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The red writing isn't clear mate I'd say change it to yellow or a snappier colour with a much more interesting font. Also slim the message down. The title is meant to grip you so it needs to shorter. Not a sentence. For example 'Climbing Points in Fortnite Area' would be much better. We all want to get wins on fortnite so I feel telling us it will help towards a win is superfluous. The image itself is blurry. We used to do Fortnite on an older channel and I think images of in game grabs more attention.