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Camera Gear Need Help Finding a Decently Priced Camera for Recording - Smartphone Has Issues with Space

Chef McLean

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Hello All,

I currently use my IPhone 8+ to record and edit my videos and recently i've been having issues with storage and optimization. Let's be real, no one wants to delete old/recent pics and videos to make space hence why I am on the hunt to find some new gear in the form of a camera. if anyone wants to help me out/suggest what you guys currently use/any camera that you started out with I would really appreciate it thanks :)


Chef McLean.


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Guess it would all depend on your budget. I use a couple of different platforms. I use a Canon M50 and a GoPro7 Black. I also use my Samsung Galaxy s9+ on a DJI Osmo3 Gimbal. Most of my videos are backpacking and hiking oriented so I need durability.

You have a channel that is primarily indoors so your needs would be different than mine.. My understanding is the new what is it iPhone 11? Has an incredible camera in it. Might just do an upgrade for now.

BTW, Jerk Chicken! Oh heck ya.


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The new Sony ZV-1 looks promising! I personally have the Canon EOS M50 for all-purpose recording, but I've been preferring my iPhone XS because it makes my life easier when I want to edit on my iPad. (I usually record indoors too so I am able to control much of the other factors)


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The best camera is different for everyone. It depends on a bunch of different variables like budget, technical knowledge, gear you already own, where it is mainly being used, if you want a backup of your recording on a different card, Care about ergonomics, want new or if preowned is fine, Absolute best quality or good enough is fine, Care about high fps or not.