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Gear Question Mevo Plus Any Good?


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I'm hearing everyone talk about the Mevo Plus camera for livestreaming. Has anyone ever used the camera? If so, what do you think? Pros, cons, things to watch out for? Also, if you have an alternative recommendation I'm all ears.

Jeffrey Powers

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A GoPro with streaming features

Mevo was attached with Livestream. It was a simple live streaming camera that lets you set scenes on a 4K sensor. Ultimately, you would produce a 720p video, but you could switch to zoomed in areas of the shot.

Since it's not a PTZ, you need the camera to be close to the subjects. It also has a slight fish-eye to it. The Mevo Start fixed that, but also changed the sensor to 1080.

Vimeo bought Livestream, and the creator of Mevo bought the camera back. It's primary streaming location would be Vimeo, so you get a lot of pop-ups asking to use Vimeo Livestream.

And with the Plus, you can send video to YouTube or Facebook, but if you want to bring into a multi-camera environment, you can only send that video to Livestream (which you have to pay for).

The Start allows you to send video to OBS, Wirecast, vMix.


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If I were livestreaming exclusively with a fixed setup I would definitely go with the Mevo Plus. It's too expensive for the versatility I need so I stuck with a standard DSLR, but it's an intriguing piece of hardware for sure.