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YouTube Opinion Dislikes on videos - YouTube ranking?


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So I make videos for kids, and I noticed a few dislikes on a couple of my videos. Obviously I understand you can't please everybody... but do dislikes hurt your video and rank your video lower in YouTube? Not sure who I angered or why this content got a thumbs down... but it did and I'm concerned now that I can't enough views on my videos because of this. I wish I knew why the thumb down, and maybe submit the video for a review to see where I went wrong with my content.
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I don't think likes/dislikes do anything outside of ego boosting. I mean, with a Kids channel, you won't be getting any comments anyway, so you may as well just hide your likes and dislikes as they don't do anything to rankings really. It's the amount of watch time you get that impacts your ranking other than SEO.
If you get a lot of dislikes, it COULD persuade people not to watch a video, which will impact your ranking, so that's about the only way I can imagine dislikes hurting a videos ranking.

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Well..I personally feel dislike can be taken as "your video reaching a larger audience". That's how I made up my mind. Your circle will be your first set of subscribers and they tend to "like" your video. Once your Video reaches a larger audience / new audience , you see different mindsets ,etc who may "dislike". So, take it positive . Congrats on 500+ Subscribers and yeh ! I don't think dislike will matter much .

I have never seen an famous video with no dislike. All the Best !


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My son's video had a view dislike when we started. I took the comment video off immediately as it is not about like or dislike. He had some friends in class who didnt like his YuoTube image as they couldnt get their parent to allow them do one. So they made it a duty to dislike.

For my channel as an adult content provider, I have had my fair share of dislike as I talk about social issue. I really dont care as long as the like and dislike are there. I even have someone who dislike within the 5 seconds of upload which clearly shows they havent watched it. In my facebook group I talk about it and sometimes write about the haters on my community so my faithful fans are now used to clicking like once he dislike lol ( sorry for using he, my mind tells me it a pastor cause it started when I made a video about a fake pastors)


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I agree with Damon. I look at it as "who would give this a thumbs down?". Some of my favorite videos by my favorite artists have lots of thumbs downs. You just have to shrug that off, it's meaningless. Are you happy with the video? That's really all that matters.