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Video Research Kids content and what is going on out there!

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Hi, new to the world of YouTube and decided to get into the game. The first video we did was for my kids grandparents for Easter, due to social distancing they couldn't visit us this year. So I made a little fun video... and then someone said to keep making videos. I've seen all of the kids channels and to be honest I know this is a tough niche. Especially after reading about COPPA and how this is a saturated niche.

I think my content stands out from the rest, and although my kids love seeing themselves... not sure if this is something that other kids would like. I guess I should be creating content for parents, as they will be the ones who show vids to their kids and subscribe and like... but I'm wondering if there is anything else out there to get unbiased reviews from parents for the videos I create? If anyone knows anything, please share.

I did submit a channel review within this forum... but look forward to more feedback.

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