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YouTube Opinion I think YouTube should add a system where you can contact all your subscribe all at once.

JasCool Gaming

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I know you might say there is a community tab. You can just contact them there. But If you use community tab not everyone can see it so... Youtube sure add like a email system on youtube.
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I think your video is the best way to communicate to your subscribers. Keep them informed and, what is more important, engaded.
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If that was a thing, the amount of people who will be complaining about it :joy: Or just turning/unsubscribing from that service.

There used to be a feature where you message YouTubers, but that was long gone.
Yeah, I used it a few times, but it's usually I forget that it exists and then I get surprised by the fact that people have messaged me lol.
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DamoΓÇÖs Paintings

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I too would unsubscribe if I kept getting bothered, IΓÇÖm having a hard time as it is trying to get uploading, and being spammed wouldnΓÇÖt help at all, so no IΓÇÖm glad no such feature is on YouTube, in fact I think they may have had something like it before, but got rid of it.

Tito Tim

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As a creator I do see the use in that but... As a subscriber I would hate that. I sub to make it easy to find new vids. I would follow if I wanted to see posts - I have rung the bell for no one, and have notifications turned off for everything except comments. If I started getting emails from channels, I would immediately unsubscribe.


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That's why you get a separate e-mail list. Honestly why do you care about the inactive subscribers? That's the main reason why subscriber count is useless. Active subscribers carry your channel. Inactive subscribers are dead weight. You don't want them anyway.
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Beanie Draws

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What if I DON'T want to be contacted by the channels I'm subscribed to? It sounds like you want to FORCE all your subscribers to read everything you say. I get that subscribers generally so complain about not getting notified all the time, but if a subscriber cares, they WILL read your community tab. If they don't care, or don't want to be notified of EVERYTHING, that should be their choice, which is why there's a notification bell that you can turn OFF.

Taking away options from subscribers, and forcing them to be bombarded with notifications they don't want is wrong.

If you want to contact EVERYONE, and those people want the option, that's what email lists are for. Or Twitter.

The reason I want that is because a lot of my subscribers are inactive. :(
Are they inactive because you did sub for sub? Generally those who subscribe to show support, won't watch your videos, won't interact, they'll simply subscribe because they hope you subscribe back.

Otherwise some people just lose interest over time. I don't watch the majority of every video I'm subscribed to. I haven't bothered to unsubscribe from people in case they release a video I MIGHT be interested in, but otherwise I'm not going to watch EVERYTHING, and that's another reason why your subscribers might be inactive, they might just not want to watch, or might not be interested in your content anymore and didn't bother to unsubscribe.

Unfortunatly that's just a fact of YouTube.
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I can say with absolute certainty that if pressing subscribe meant a notification for everything the creator says or posts I'd never hit the button. For me the sub button makes a shortcut for me to get to frequently watched channels and I will seek out their content when I want it. No one wants to be force-fed.
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