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Need Advice Facebook ads and Google ads

The CLEAR Institute

New Member
When starting a channel, do you recommend using Facebook ads or Google ads to promote videos/channel? If so, which one is better and will create good «quality» leads or subscribers. Or is it better to let the Google AI do the job and be patient? I have a niche audience so it may be harder and longer to reach. Thank you!

Beanie Draws

Mythical Poster
Subscriber Goal
This was discussed in the most recent TubeBuddy livestream which you can watch the replay of here
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBnV5W4U2nY
they discuss the subject at 43:33

generally speaking though, google and facebook ads should ONLY be used if the video is a promotion for something, like a product launch. Using ads just for channel growth however is a bad Idea they say. They go into more reason why in that replay.