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Instagram Instagram (and other social media) brand naming. changes, and should you change?

Beanie Draws

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This is both a question, asking for opinions, and also a "warning" to be mindful of your branding in terms of name.

To give you contest, I've had an Instagram account for nearly the entire length of Instagram. This was years before I started a YouTube channel, and I had amassed a several hundred following. But the name I had (and still used) was an old outdated art name handel.

After starting my YouTube channel, I kept using that old handle on Instagram simply because I had the numbers, and I didn't want to start from scratch. I DID secure Beanie Draws... but I didn't want to have it as just a thumbnail spam account, so I kept with my old account.

A few years in... I realised I got myself into a situation. People tag their art under my main profile account (2500ish followers) but if I change my profile name from the @ level, it destroys the links for 4 years worth of people tagging me in their art.

Now I still feel my channel is in it's early stages. I "only" have 2500 followers on Instagram, I COULD have 10,000+ easily as that seems to be the common number.
I have 26k subscribers, but that's still early stages, I COULD have 100k right up to millions.

So my question is, should I just start using the "new" branded account, and build my numbers from there? Should I stick to the old account with my old art history and 4 years worth of tags. Should I change the name of that account to keep the 2500 followers, but potentially destroy the links?

I'm not even sure I CAN? I don't know if Instagram allows it?

So those are my questions, but also use that as a warning. If you're going to build a new brand... just build it new from the EARLY stages, so you don't get stuck in a situation I'm now in.
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@Beanie Draws I know a few people in your position. Can be tough.

Personally, I wouldn't worry as much about 4 years of old content, vs how you can convert all your followers to start using the new handle. A lot of the online search algorithms tend to favor "fresh content" a bit more than "stale content". So I'd be more concerned about your next 4 years than your last 4 years. So yes, I'd make the branding change at some point if you still want to keep growing and investing in this brand.

But also don't do a lazy change... some people just change it and hope for the best and lose a lot of their audience in the confusion.

Instead build a little "campaign" so your followers know what's going on. In marketing we'd call it a "Drip Campaign" where you drip some reminders into your feed every few days, or every week to remind your followers that you are aligning your brand and to use the new handle. Take a month or more to transition and actively engage your audience through that process!

Hopefully someone else might have some idea for you on how to go about that process. But I'd say go for it with a long term view - don't get depressed over a 3-6 month slump in followers if your goals are measured in years. IMHO.


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Personally, I would find it so difficult to lose my 4-year following -I don't know if I could do it, :pensive: however, that is more emotional than possibly sensible or business-minded.

I suppose not every one of your subscribers are active and your loyal supporters will always hop over anyway, However, since your content speaks for itself, you will always build up your followers again but you may always think of What could have been ..looool:grinning:
I agree with @ben's Tech Lab when he talked about a 'Drip Campaign' You could make waves about the change coming, possibly some of your loyal followers to support this if possible, so it's not only you doing all the hype, they could also leave comments about the new channel. Create a buzz. What about giving a drawing / some art or shout out to the one of the first 500 or so that go over to your new channel if this is feasible.
Just thought could you incorporate the move into a youtube video?

First things first though ask Instagram if you can change the name of your account in the first place, regardless you would still have to inform your followers /subscribers