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YouTube Help How can I improve my audience retention?

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Hi guys!

I need advice to increase my audience retention! I don't know what to do anymore.

In the first videos I lost a lot of people in the first 10 seconds. I started giving an introduction right at the beginning. This greatly improved retention. Then I made direct videos and without fooling around.
Even so, it doesn't matter if I make a 1 minute or 10 minute video, the maximum I can get is 35% retention.

Video analytics - YouTube Studio - Google Chrome.jpg

Video analytics - YouTube Studio - Google Chrome_2.jpg

I just record my voice in my videos since I don't have a good camera. Every 30 or 60 seconds I put on a sound effect, a noise to get attention. I separate my videos into sections and use transitions in each one.

I think my channel is just missing that. I always get more than 5% click through rate and I have a good engagement rate. Only retention is missing ...
Is there any solution for this?

Thank you!

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You are putting too much faith in a sound effect... especially every 30 or 60 seconds as a means of keeping retention. People have really short attention spans and you need to deliver your content in an upbeat manner. You speak well, but the overall presence of the video is lagging.

You need to do something interesting at least once every 8 seconds. Whether it be that you introduce a sound effect, make a very interesting point and/or show something interesting on screen. For premium retention you should have all of these elements combined to provide something interesting once every 8 seconds.
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