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Need Advice Small Youtube channel started during lockdown


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Hello friends,

I have a started a youtube channel during this covid lockdown and need advice on growing the same.
I have around 100 subscribers and 3000 views overall.
I would like to hear some ways to promote my channel to reach audience related to art and craft.

Thanks in advance!!
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Honestly You have some amazing content to offer just keep grinding do not give up be patient and trust me it will be worth the pay off just checked out your channel and your almost at 140 congrats keep going. Stay motivated and also never ever listen to the comments that say sub 4 sub , return the favor ..etc
i learned that the hard way trying to be nice and immediately found out that they unsubscribe as fast as they subscribe best of luck to your Channel :)


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I recommend reading @Stanley Orchard's thread on promoting outside of YouTube.

If you're looking for Feedback on your channel, check out the YouTube Feedback section :)