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YouTube Question Collaborations


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I want to know how collaboration with other YTC helps new YTC? How you do it and what you do actually? TIA

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Seems collaborations is more of a YouTube question rather than a TubeBuddy plugin specific question, I've moved this to YouTube Disussions. We DO have a spot for collaborations here https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?forums/10/ but in a general sense, the best way to collaborate with other creators, is to first establish a relationship/friendship with other creators first, and that goes beyond just "hey wanna collab?" I think the most rewarding collaborations is when two channels know each other well, and their audiences already know each creator to a degree already.

I personally haven't FULLY collaborated just yet, but I have a few in the works, and some ideas I'm slowly working on.

I don't necessarily know how useful collabs are in terms of growth. You might get some views and subs off the other creator, but I see it as more of a way of building some unique content outside of just your own content. It keeps things fresh and interesting, so I see it as more of an entertainment/challenge/community growth thing as apposed to sub count growth.
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