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Need Advice Does the TYPE of English impact the reach of video?

Beanie Draws

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So I'm FINALLY (5 years late) getting the hang of editing my captions for my videos. Derral Eves and a few others have mention that captions DO count towards metadata and help YouTube understand where to place your videos.

Now I've just noticed there's several English categories. English Uk, English American, English Canada for example, and JUST English. Would having say, English Uk, limit it's visibility metadata speaking, in any other English region? or does it not matter that much? It would be interesting if just having it set to English, instead of English UK would have given my videos a bit more reach from the get go. Australia has UK english spelling rather than American spelling (colour vs color for example, and systemise vs systemize) so I'm unsure if UK English hindered me, or if it really didn't make much differance.
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