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YouTube Question Spoke with a famous Youtuber


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So I met and spoke with one of my favorite individuals in the world and I am hoping for a friendship to blossom out of it. Sure she's one of the rich, not super-rich youtube stars but she has her castle sized mansions

Anyways, she responded back to me the other evening but saying she barely checks twitter messages. A load of bull because I am sure if I were JS or SD things would be a lot different :-(

All I am saying is I have no idea why people lie? If you do not want to respond or write to me why not remove yourself from following and responding to me. I don't get what it is she sees in me but I guess I am lying about that because a lot of business moguls and very powerful people have spoken with and reached to me over the years

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I find it's best never to assume or try and guess what other people are doing with their lives or saying. I have periods where I'm active on social media, and periods where I get overwhelmed by the amount of people trying to contact me, so I take time away as well. If you think this creator is lying to you, maybe it's better to use your time and energy with other people that give you the time and energy back. I had one or two "friends" that are much larger (Several million subscribers) but it never bothers me if they respond or if they're busy. I generally assume (as bad as it is to assume) that I am one of hundreds, if not thousands of people trying to reach out to someone. If you had that many people trying to talk to you all at once, and then some getting upset that you didn't get to their messege, before someone else's messege, it might make you uneasy as well.

This is why people need to start being more mindful of "celebrities" need for space. We don't know what it's like to be "popular" and then when we do become "popular" we're unexpectedly inundated... just like Susan Boyal was when she suddenly became famous and she found it difficult to deal with the fame thrust onto her.

It's best to be mindful and patient :)