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Hello, guys! What would happen if I set some of my videos to private? Would the views and hours still can be counted by the YT algorithm? I've realized that there are videos which are irrelevant to my channel. What can I exactly do with these?

Stanley | Team TB

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I don't recall specifics... I believe that you maintain the views/watchtime that you gained when they were public. But my opinion is that you should just leave the videos. They may not do much for you, but they aren't going to affect you negatively. People tend to appreciate access to your old stuff from time to time.
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Okay, but, would the irrelevant videos on my channel would affect the application for YT Monetization or not?
Theoretically yes. I mean, if you private videos, it will take away those watch time hours, which will effect if you get monetised... meaning it will take longer possibly (it could even take longer in the sense that YouTube would have to re-calculate that data, and if you did this WHILE applying for monetisation... it might mess up your data, possibly causing error or delay in monetisation)

That said, I've seen channels with significantly more hours and subscribers, not get monetised because their videos are seen as duplicate, or low quality, low quality meaning the only purpose of those videos were to boost watch time and subscribers, NOT to provide value by answering a question or entertaining the audience... Sometimes a channel won't get monetised because of those types of videos, so hiding/deleting those videos WILL remove views etc, but could also boost the "quality" of your channel overall, which in theory should make monetisation EASIER.

This is all just my theory, and I have no real data to back any of this up. This is just what I've observed over time since the introduction of 1000/4000
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