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Editing Software Differant timeline scrolling methods? (premiere pro?)

Beanie Draws

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I've been messing around with YouTube captioning, and I quite like their method of putting your hand ON the timeline arera, and when you scroll through the timeline by HOLDING it, and draging it left and right, the playhead stay's in the middle of the screen, and the footage changes. Currently with my Premeire setup, it seems I can only make the footage change by clicking the playhead, and moving it over the timeline to scrub through the footage. The move I've used the YouTube captioning editor, it seems quicker to navigate by holding the timeline area, the playhead stays frozen, and moving the timeline moves the footage UNDER the playhead.

IF there's a setting in Premiere Pro that allows the playhead to remain locked, and moving the timeline moves the footage under it, where is this option?
If there is no option, do you know which editing software on PC allows this methid of scrubbing/scrolling? I think this might solve my hatred of video editing if I can figure it out.