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Need Advice The best feature in tubebuddy

miracle du coran

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What is the best feature in tubebuddy that can help me gain views and subscribers ?
There are many tools !!

Travel Interesante

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Which version of Tubebuddy as you currently using? The free plugin is a bit limited, but you can still do keyword searching which will help you optimize for YouTube search. I upgraded to the pro version and have the full gamut of the keyword search plus SEO studio which helps confirms that the keywords I've chosen, the title and description all match up for really optimizing and I find that very valuable.

There are even more useful tools in star and legend though I'm sure others could talk about more in depth.
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Beanie Draws

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Personally I find the A/B tool the best. Thumbnails are super important. But also the keyword research tool and the seo studio. If your videos aren't searchable, and have short generic tags, they aren't going to go far. The tag tools help your tags go from red, badly optimised tags, to orange and green well optimised tags. It won't do everything automatically for you, but it will give you an idea if your variations that you think of, are better or worse than what you already have.


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The quick-links menu :p

Saves me so much time navigating through YT Studio. Well, those aren't really for "views" or "subscribers" but it sure saves you time.
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