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Need Advice What is the best gameplan to grow my channel


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Why not ask your family and friends to watch and subscribe? A lot of big channels started this way...


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I really need help with my channel. I just started it and no one is watching, nor subscribing! Help

More content - YouTube is a search engine, the more content you have the better chance of people finding one of your videos.
Better content - the better your content are the better the chance of people finding your content sticking and subscribing around to watch more.
People sticking around - your content getting a lot of watch time and high audience retention the bigger the chance that YouTube will start recommending your content so even more people find it.

To most people YouTube will be a marathon not a sprint, expect to do hundreds of videos, each better than the previous one, before your views and subscribers starts growing quicker.

Gaming - I took a quick look at your channel and all your videos are about Minecraft yet nothing in the video titles or the thumbnails says anything about Minecraft, how do you expect people interested in Minecraft to find your content? You even have a Minecraft video named Call of duty, people searching for Call of duty will most likely expect to find CoD videos not Minecraft videos and people interested in Minecraft videos will most likely not search for Call of Duty. YouTube is a search engine and you need to set your content up so people can actually find it. But even if you call your videos Minecraft don't expect your videos to show up anyways Minecraft is a extremely crowded search time with millions of videos and there is not reason for YouTube to show your new and tiny channels videos in the search results over a established channel with thousands of Minecraft videos and years of history. You need to be clever and try to find out smaller niches related to Minecraft where you can actually compete for the viewers, at least in the beginning as your channel grows the broader videos you can do.

This is what happened to my gaming channel
When I started it I did videos for a huge game just like Minecraft. There was no way for my videos to compete with the thousands of established popular channels out there. So I decided to try making let's play videos for another much smaller (but still popular) game that I also liked. But even with the much lower competition it was still not enough for my videos to be found so I decided to go even smaller, I noticed that for the game I now was making videos for everyone seemed to be doing let's plays but barely anyone did tutorials. So I started to make tutorials for that game and then finally I hade niched down enough for my videos to reach the top 3 spots and YouTube and my channel started to get views and subscribers. And does views and subscribers also helped me get views on my other content, the let's plays. I'm still a small channel but I'm working my way to 3k subs now, when I was making videos for that big popular game I was at less than 20 subs.

I'm not saying that you should abandon Minecraft if you love making content for it, but if you want to grow you need to start thinking about what content for Minecraft can you make that less people do and there is a bigger chance for people to find your videos? Also maybe try finding places to promote your content outside of YouTube. As an example when I started making gaming guides I posted them as Steam guides for the game, I posted it on the reddit for the game when a new version got released etc. Maybe there are places where you can share your Minecraft content to other Minecraft fans, some of them may like it and start watching your videos regularly helping your channel grow.

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Yeah @ike and @Damon (among others here) are dead on. You aren't going to get a hit right out of the gate. Bury your head in the sand and focus on making that first 100-150 videos. You just almost don't exist until you have that library of content available for viewers.


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I really need help with my channel. I just started it and no one is watching, nor subscribing! Help

Depends on when "just started" happened. Anyone that is not a gaming channel may have little idea how vast the category is. It's not the only one that has grown like that, but there definitely is a huge glut of content out there and most of it is horrendous. Starting in 2020 takes patience, and a lot of it. So, if you are getting 10 views focus on that and let it grow to 100. It will take time and consistency. The key is being able to upload without it growing rapidly. Everyone wants to grow rapidly and no one really knows how to do it. If they did, everyone would.

I love reading comments here where people say, "focus on quality." What exactly does that mean? And quality to whom? Have you looked at the trending page for gaming? I get nauseated when I look at it.