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Need Advice should i keep the 2 niches seperate?


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Hi, everyone. just looking for some advice on which way i should go. Right now my channel focuses on mobile phone related information like reviews and answers. Iv had over 8k views on just one video based on a key word which people where searching but these high number of daily views will only last a few months as this new phone will become old and therfore not searched for as often. my channel is based on search 99 percent of my views come from search. i work in a phone repair shop and wanted to show how i fix and restore phones (resoration channel) not tutorial based but more like a restoration video with titles like ( Smashed iphone restored). the issue is i know these audiences are totally different, people watch restoration videos for entertainment whereas my current channel poaple watch to get tips, reviews and tutorials. So should i create another channel for this or should i just post on my current channel?