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Life This Pandemic's Been Bad, But Could Have Been Worse For Me


Life ain't no Nintendo Game
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How have you been dealing with the pandemic? Florida has been slow to react and people here don't really seem to care much even with all the rules implemented to slow down the confirmed cases and deaths. I haven't exactly been a role model for properly following the rules and doing my part to help prevent further spreading but I've tried to do my part.

But I recently realized how much worse this could have been for me had I not made some of the decisions I made this year in search of improving our lives. Back in Nov I took a chance and purchased airplane tickets to leave Puerto Rico and move to Florida. I did this without a plan, without any idea where I was gonna live or if I would have a job waiting for me. It was a chance I had to take because staying was not gonna make things any better. Especially with earthquakes happening consistently there in recent months plus zero chance of me ever finding a job there.

The irony is that I made it to Florida just weeks before the first case of the virus was found and before the lockdowns began. Had I stayed any longer I would have been stuck in Puerto Rico with my wife and older son stuck in Florida. I would have never gotten the job I currently have and our financial situation would have gone from bad to beyond worse.

The purchase of those tickets was a crazy chance of failing and leaving my kids homeless, which almost happened in the middle of this pandemic. But thanks to hard work, help from some amazing friends and a renewed sense of positivity we were able to overcome our hardships and find a place where we are now living ok, safer from the pandemic considering we spent 2 months hotel hopping at a time when hotels were closing and being outside too often was a bad idea. The biggest luck was that our jobs were considered essential thus we were able to keep our jobs and not suffer financial disaster as so many have. But it hasn't been easy.

This may be seen as one of the worst years for us in the US (and the world) but for me, even with the pandemic, it's been the best year in my 40+ years on this planet. And I plan to keep making it better.

Have you had any difficulties because of the pandemic?

Cosmin Oance

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Inspiring, trully.
The pandemic made me realise what's important, in a sense.
Working from home means more time to think, which leads to analysing one's life up until now.

The good thing about this pandemic? Reorganising my priorities. I want to have fun again!