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Music Channel Song Cover Collaboration (Instrumental)

Queeniever Tejano

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User name: Queeniever Tejano
Title: Song Cover Collaboration
Age: 21
Type of collaboration: Guitar/Ukulele/Piano/EDM Instrumental
Amount of Subscribers: 142
Ways to contact you: Facebook: Queeniever Tejano
Twitter: @queeniever_
Instagram: @queenievertejano
Why should they collaborate with you: I am Queeniever Tejano, i make song covers, basically ukulele and sometimes guitar. I can play these instuments well but I still want to be part of music collabs to expand my community. I want to try singing to other people's tracks. If you are willing to make instrumentals for me, I'd gladly promote your music through my social media accounts.
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy3S4pZ7ZJjUer9NJzpQiHg
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