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YouTube Question Bitrate recommendation for a good 1080p video uploads

armed gunman

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Hi all,
It's been really frustrating for me to watch videos I uploaded to Youtube have such downgraded quality. A lot.
I record my game footage on 1080 35Mbps. Still the quality is really bad. Even when I upload just some slideshow pictures!
Do you have any recommendation to deal with this?
Or is it just how youtube algorhytm works?

Beanie Draws

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You might not be doing the 35Mbps that is recommended, and to be honest, I probably wouldn't recommend 35Mbps... Takes up a LOT of data... like 20-30gb per hour of video which I feel is unecessarily large.

I've found 10,000 bitrate isn't too bad. A little compressed, but you won't be buying new hard drives after every video. That works out to be about 10Mbps which I think is acceptable for YouTube.

Also, it doesn't really matter what quality you upload, YouTube will compress and process it so that it will play smoothly for any device without using excessive data.

I HAVE seen people using 1440p to make their 1080p look cleaner. Also there's been tests and evidence where if you have too much detail in a video (slowmo guys tried it with glitter) the whole frame will get super pixelated and compressed. It's pretty much out of our hands.