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YouTube Opinion How long does it take to create thumbnail?


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It really depends on what the content is for me. As a gamer, my content is always changing. I have a template for most of the elements I use on my thumbnails. The text and the image itself is usually the parts I struggle the most with. Finding the right image, editing it and coming up with an interesting title for the thumbnail text. It could be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. And this is just one thumbnail for a single video. If I make more than one to A/B test which one is better it can take twice as long.
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Whew... good question! My all-time best thumbnails take about a half an hour, but that is entirely dependent on getting a really eye-catching photo. If I dont get that photo I may spend upwards of six hours tooling a dozen thumbnail options before deciding on which one is best (and A/B testing).
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Some of mine now take years... because I'm recreating old thumbnails. Not that I think they'll blow up by changing them, but because they don't represent how I feel about my old videos. My new videos can take anywhere from 10 minutes, to 5+ hours. But I really enjoy the process of creating thumbnails.

Thumbnail creation is an artform that's just as important as the video, if not more important, so I put a lot of time and love into mine. I think I need to start trading thumbnail design services for video editing services :p
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Doesn't take me long. I use a clip from b-roll or a cut away shot that captures the story I want to tell. I don't have an eye for the graphics design part of it. I keep it simple and use the thumbnail as a way of telling the story.
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