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YouTube Help Extremely slow channel growth. How do I improve channel engagement?

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Daliso Blessing

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Been on Youtube 5 full months now and my channel on average has grown about 8 subscribers per month. I don't get enough comment to know why the growth is so slow. The average views per video are almost the same so, I can't determine from the views why my content is not being watched enough. So I am not sure if my content just isn't good enough or I am not relatable enough as a person or I am not packaging the content well enough or its a combination of everything. I just don't how to determine what the problem is with such little analytics go off.

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Stanley | Team TB

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for starters this is not abnormal... growth early on is the most difficult. Be consistent with your publish schedule, keep improving your videos and focus on great titles/thumbnails. Things will pick up. You need to hammer through that first 100 videos more than anything.


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There are only 16 videos on your channel right now. I say keep on creating searchable content as it helps build up your channel. That being said, if you are requesting feedback on your channel or video, please do at the YouTube Feedback section :)

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