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Forum News Forum Patch Notes June 2020 | The June Gloom


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TubeBuddy Forum Patch Notes June 2020:

Hello TubeBuddies, we have now reached June Half-way through the year, and we have some more updates for you! Last month we reached 25,000 forum users, introduced the title ladder, and enjoyed some changes! WeΓÇÖve made even more for our users!
  • Once again letΓÇÖs start with the Member of the Month. Thank congrats @Niki Proshin !
  • We have three new moderators. Welcome @blackbeltsecrets @ASMRSadie and @Stanley Orchard let's give them a warm welcome!
  • Since @Stanley Orchard is stepping down from our Trusted User Program. We are granting @Tito Tim as our new Trusted User! Learn more here: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/26398/
  • We also wanted to let you know more about a newer addition to the forums ChatBot. If you ever have any TB questions, ChatBot can provide you with quick answers! If you want to provide feedback, check this thread here: https://community.tubebuddy.com/index.php?threads/28867/
  • We have new warnings for members that are breaking the rules, as well as a change where if you break a rule you must acknowledge the rule.
  • WeΓÇÖve made changes to make the FAQ more noticeable. Before you ask a question in the TubeBuddy question, please check there!
  • WeΓÇÖve NUKED Media Marketplace and from the ashes rises Social Media Discussions, a place where you can discuss all things social media. Check it out HERE.
  • We also wanted to remind you that this is not the right place to go for support. Please head over to https://tubebuddy.com/support
  • Finally we want to tease a bigger project weΓÇÖre working on, itΓÇÖs more ways to be rewarded for using the forums, stay tuned!
We have more changes coming, things such as community events, challenges, and more access to features and tools earlier for forum users. We hope you enjoy the updates, and canΓÇÖt wait to see you all around for more time to come!

The Forum Team