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LinkedIn Has anyone had luck with LinkedIN


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I've heard linkedIn is very powerful but I feel it more as a resume site, than traditional social media. What are some best practices to help me understand how to connect, collab, and maybe even cross promote?

Have YOU had any luck?


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Hey Andrew!

I actually started creating videos for LinkedIn before I even started building on YouTube.

Here's some thoughts on what someone can do to use LinkedIn.

1. Upload videos directly to LinkedIn. Instead of sharing a link to your YouTube videos on LinkedIn, edit a shorter (60-90 second trailer or micro-content) version of your YouTube video, and upload that directly to LinkedIn. For example, if your YouTube Video is "5 Things your can do to Improve Your YouTube Thumbnails", then chop up that video into 5 individual videos of each of the tips, and upload of of them directly to LinkedIn over the next couple weeks. Then, in the captions, invite the LinkedIn connection to watch the other 4 tips on your YouTube channel and include a link.

2. Use Closed Captions if you can - there's some great tools out there - Rev.com, QuiCC.com to name a couple that can help you create closed captions for your videos. Viewers on LinkedIn have a much shorter attention span vs Youtube viewers. So having closed captions will help to stop them from scrolling and watch your video.

3. On LinkedIn, the first frame of your video becomes the Thumbnail, so make sure it's thumbnail-worthy :) On some personal accounts and on business pages, you have the ability to upload an image as a thumbnail, which makes it easier.

4. You can also LiveStream on LinkedIn, but you do have to apply for it, and you'll have to use a 3rd party broadcasting tool (ie. Restream.io, eCamm, Streamlabs OBS, etc).

And it's definitely no longer a resume site only - there are lots of B2B and B2C action happening on LinkedIn, and certainly worth exploring with your content, if you haven't done so already.

That being said, YouTube is still at the top of my content mountain, and all other social channels personally, drive towards my content on YouTube.

Thanks for starting the conversation about LinkedIn here, Andrew!


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It also depends what niche you want to serve. If you are a gaming or fashion channel, LinkedIn is not likely relevant to your audience. However, if you are a Business channel, Finance channel, Tech channel, or Professional Development channel then it will likely align a bit more with LinkedIn. As with many things you need to "use the right tool for the right job"! Ask yourself "would my target audience spend much time on LinkedIn?". The answer will be different for everyone here.

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I really haven't bothered with LinkedIn yet. Maybe as a way to build a relationship with brands, but I don't really see LinkedIn fitting a guy who draws dinosaurs outside of maybe sponsorship possibilities.
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Not Youtube related, but i did get my current job through Linkedin. i put a post out with my qualifications and saying i was looking for a job. I had so much feedback ! Its a great way to promote yourself and definitely worth getting invested in

Jeffrey Powers

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I have tried to be part of their infrastructure, but I always seem to have to work harder on LinkedIn, especially since I don't pay for their social network.

And I've been waiting over a year to be part of their LIVE group. I had a show all set up and ready, but (just like with all social networks) the one thing that is NOT social, is the staff.

Facebook and Twitter have 5 times the power over LinkedIn. I won't ignore it, but I won't work harder for it, either.


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Never thought of LinkedIn as a platform for sharing content, but I like the possibility of connecting and developing sponsorship possibilities. Thanks for this thread.


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I wouldn't suggest Linkedin unless Youtube is your career, or else your Youtube and work stuff will get mixed up and you don't want that happening, but if all you talk about on Linkedin is YouTube, then it can work.


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I think you have to think about it like any social platform. You have to invest in building your network and them post content that your network cares about. If your network is primarily tech professionals and you post youtube videos about baking, then you are not really appealing to your network. On the other hand, posting about issues that tech professionals care about can help drive views.

Part to my using TubeBuddy was to try to expand past and augment my LinkedIn audience.


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I use Linkedin as I upload all my YouTube video through Tubebuddy social link to all my platform. I do get few views from their but the crowd that I post to on their are CEO whom one day I intend to pitch for brand collaboration. It is a good place to advertise your brand, my profile is basically my name but everyone within my contact knowns am a content provider so I don't see how it will affect my day job as a teacher. You wont have the many views but you will have the right people who make decision watching your content once in a while. I mean, its there and it is only one click to upload to it so why not use it as another platform.

I upload all my video on facebook, twitter, linkedin and my personal news website. All is exposure I will say.
Yeap! It is more like a professional platform, unlike other social media channels. Here you connect with people to build professional relationships. If you haven't got any benefit yet, you might need to change your description, do, or elaborate on your skills.