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YouTube Tips How To Gain Subscribers?


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A question I see often in these forums and on Discord. So, this is going to be a blunt and straight forward statement.

If you want to gain subscribers make good content people want to watch and make sure you give them an incentive to want to subscribe for more. But most importantly have patience. It takes time to build an audience of subscribers. You want to make sure those subscribing are doing so because they want to watch your content. What you don't want is random people subscribing just to subscribe to make your numbers look bigger.

What's the point of having a lot of subscribers if most don't watch your content? Most creators want to reach the YouTube Partner Program eligibility requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours in 12 months in order to monetize their channel. But what they don't understand is while you may have 1000 subscribers that don't mean you have 1000 viewers and thus without views there is no money from YouTube. That's why it is extremely important to ensure that those subscribing are doing so because they like your content and want to see more of it. Number of subscribers doesn't matter after monetization if you are not getting views.

So make sure you are making good content that people want to watch. Research what people are watching, what's trending. Make sure your audio is good because audio is probably more important than the quality of the video itself. Create fantastic thumbnails that will catch people's attention, tell them what the video is about and make them wanna click through to watch the video. Work hard on your keywords, tags, titles and descriptions to get the best SEO for your videos for the best chance of being found.

But above all else, you must have patience. While there have been some YouTube channels such as Jennelle Eliana and Dad, How Do I? who have gone from zero to a million in short time with only a few videos, that doesn't mean everyone can find the right recipe for their channel overnight, even with all the best tools to help you create your content. Growing a channel takes time, patience, and hard work. Focus on content first, worry about the analytics later once your channel content has grown and your time on YouTube has also grown.

There is no miracle, secret to instant YouTube success. It's a mix of your ability to create good content and a little bit of luck.


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There is no miracle, secret to instant YouTube success. It's a mix of your ability to create good content and a little bit of luck.

There is none for instant, but luckily with doing keyword research, creating content for an ideal audience and keeping focused on tasks going forward you can achieve YouTube Success.

We teach how to optimize for search, because it's the ONE metric on YouTube you can have control over. Once you nail that, you have the authority to do better in suggested and browse, but it takes time. People don't like waiting that time. Myself I'm not a fan either.

I think that the best thing ANYONE can do is take action, and here is a great way to understand how SEO and such works and how TubeBuddy can help: